Wednesday, 4 January 2012


This is a fantastic free website where you can earn money by shopping online on other websites. Similar to nectar points you go onto the
Maximiles website and go to the website you're wishing to shop on via it.

The basis if the site is that you use the websites links to go to a well known website, purchase as usual and for virtual ipoints to be debited into your account.
As well as getting points through online shopping, you can get points in other ways too. Some points are free by signing up to different offers, (free sim cards is popular), watching short video adverts, doing special ipoints surveys and clicking on links sent by email to you to find out more about a website.
As you can guess, the free points, are quite small in what you earn, but if you do enough and make sure you sign up to the emails, the 5 points here and there can soon add up.
The real points are given to you when you spend money though a website. The website that you use actually determines what amount of points you get,
 some give u a bonus payment first time round, some just offer a standard amount of points per money spent. However, I have found that gambling websites tend to earn you loads, so if you are into that sort of thing, I suggest using ipoints, or any other cashback site!
The only recommendation I have is that you keep to one cashback site and don't use many at a time. Otherwise you will never get enough points for the rewards.
The rewards vary across a whole range of things. You can get electrical items, such as cameras, holidays, food and drink, gadgets, home & garden, the list is very big!
At time of writing, the website is actually running an easter competition, which requires you to visit the website, get the clue and look for the easter bunny.
This gets you 5 ipoints each day, and is lasting for 15 days; not a bad 75 points to have!
There are lots of supposed extras and improvements to come with the new maximiles website when it comes, so it might be worth keeping a look out!

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