Monday, 19 September 2011


When I started digging into the information on how to earn money online, I wasted far too much time and money to search for a regular source of income. After all my efforts and continued search Finally, I found and it can be your Slice of pie too. 
I am a member of this site, a regular music listener and reviewer. I am a massive fan of different genres of music and we all know listening music is a favourite pastime for many of us. What if, we could earn money from our hobby?
Well the answer is yes it is possible to make money by reviewing music on slicethepie and it is available worldwide.
I discovered this site two years back and since then I have had reviewed almost 20,000 tracks till now and I earned good amount of money. As per my experience, if you are good at judging music genres and give an honest feedback in the form of review, you can make a very good earning through this site.
For reviewing music on slice the pie, you don’t need to be an A&R professional. An average music lover who can spend around 3hours a day reviewing music at slicethepie can make $25 daily and rest depends on your performance. To access the scout room you have to register and then log in to your account, select the genre of music you want to review and start reviewing.
The pay rate for reviewing each track depends on the accuracy and rating. It is shown below: -
5 star scouts make $0.20 per review
4 star scouts make $0.15 per review
3 star scouts make $0.10 per review
2 star scouts make $0.05 per review                                                                            
1 star scouts make $0.02 per review
The star rating keeps on changing as we review each track. If you want to stay on good star rating then you have to think like the majority of listeners worldwide. You should not rate the track just by your own taste.  It is possible, sometimes we don’t like the track but on the other hand it might be loved by others who are the specific genre lovers. In scout room you can review as many tracks as you like there is no restriction at all. On the average 50 tracks can be reviewed per hour which gives around $5 if a scout is at three stars. But never mind, the star rating keeps on changing as we review the tracks in flow. The minimum withdrawal amount is $10 via PayPal.
There are thousands of tracks waiting to be reviewed in the scout room, so you could make regular earning. Each scout room has its own duration. Sometimes it lasts for few days and other times it goes on for long. At present, the scout room is in flow until Dec2012.
So go on hit the site and start reviewing!!!!!!
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Thursday, 8 September 2011


As all we know it is possible to make money online but do we know the legitimate sites that actually pays for doing some surveys and that’s all for free .It’s unlikely that you’ll be making huge amount of money, but it is possible to earn some cash to pay your bills 
FIRST – The first thing is to start joining some survey sites. Many sites pay for your opinion and the amount you get paid will depend on the length, topic and complexity of surveys. More the surveys you get eligible for more the money you get in your account. I am doing around 5 surveys daily of average 75p each and make very good earning per month only through surveys and that’s true. I recommend only those survey sites which actually pays and worth joining, spending your precious time.
The best way to get eligible for the survey is to complete your profile to the fullest, don't leave any of the question unanswered.
If the survey questionnaire has question i.e. “Is anyone in your household work for these companies mentioned below? “Always select “None of the above”, it will increase your chances to get eligible for the survey almost 90 percent of the time.

The top survey site I would recommend:-
Survey Network - It is one of the best sites I have ever joined, this site is legitimate and you will get many surveys daily from the range of £0.50 to £10 and there is no such restriction on the amount of surveys you can complete on daily basis. Some of the surveys are as short as for 10 minutes and some are for around 30 minutes. The rate they give for every completed survey is awesome. The minimum PayPal withdrawal amount is £20 and it is quite easy to reach.

Honest Rewards- It’s the second best site to join and it pays you £6 per hour and for short surveys the amount they give is proportionate to the duration of the survey. The minimum Withdrawal amount is £15 and it is easy to reach there, you can withdraw it to PayPal account.

Vivatic - The third best site according to my opinion. They provide many writing tasks but at the moment they only have surveys available due to huge amount of workers on site. Each survey is for £1 and you get almost 5-6 surveys per week. The minimum withdrawal is £10 including 20p fees, this can be made via PayPal. The site is awesome and their customer service is excellent.

Opinion Outpost - This survey site is recommended not very best but worth joining. The minimum withdrawal is 50 points which is equivalent to £2.50. They send surveys now and then but you can reach this amount in few days. It processes within minutes and via PayPal.

Crowdology-   It’s on weekly basis, the surveys are easy to complete and ranging from £0.20 to £1.50 but it takes time to reach the minimum withdrawal amount. The minimum threshold is £4 via PayPal including 20p fees. It processes immediately

SECONDLY - You can also make money through reviewing music. Now music companies want the genuine opinion from the common public and music lovers.  They prefer to pay us for our reviews rather than appointing A&R personnel. For this you don't need any A&R skill but only you need to give an honest feedback on the music you listen to. The amount for reviewing we get is bit low than the minimum wages but worth doing it at home and earn some extra money to spend for our small needs.

FINALLY - Try to ignore any PTC sites, these sites take lot of your time and pay nothing more than 0.1 cent and this is just a total waste of time and effort. If someone recommends you PTC sites than it is better to sit and relax in front of your television rather than spending your huge amount of time and getting almost nothing for your work. These sites attract you with their low minimum withdrawal amount i.e. $1 and it will take ages to reach there and finally you will end up at clicking senselessly on links and adverts and getting almost nothing for your effort.

Wednesday, 7 September 2011


Well, I have gone through many survey sites but I found this site is legit and very distinctive from other sites, Global Test Market was founded in August 1999 as a division of Global Market Incite, Inc. They have been doing business since then, most people say it is one of the best out there .They provide very good customer service to their Panellists.
It is a quite old in the industry and very genuine, I have been a regular Panellist to this site for around three years now, I complete around 2 surveys daily, give my opinion and try not to miss out even a single survey and complete it as soon as it hits my mailbox.  
Previously they were having a referral scheme for there panellist but now they have closed this programme.
They send around 3-4 surveys daily and give 35 points for each completed survey, The threshold is 1000 points which is equivalent to $50. This is very easy to reach because they send tons of surveys to your mailbox. The withdrawal method is only through cheque, as you reach 1000 points you can request a payout and the cheque will takes 6 weeks to reach you. I have never faced any problem regarding the payment and get my cheque on time.
 They don't provide PayPal withdrawals but according to GTM’s blog they’ll be introducing The PayPal and gift cards in near future.
The surveys they send are very easy to complete and mostly last from 15 to 30 minutes. Most of the surveys give 30-35 points and some surveys get screen out if you don't fulfil the eligibility but not to worry you can also win prizes or money by their monthly draws and sweepstakes. Unfortunately, I was not lucky enough and I haven’t won the prize yet but hope for the best and keep on trying.
Some people think they can get rich by filling out surveys. This is not real, but you will get some extra spending cash and it is worth giving it a go.
Global test market accepts people from all the countries. Feel free to add your comments and suggestions.