Wednesday, 7 September 2011


Well, I have gone through many survey sites but I found this site is legit and very distinctive from other sites, Global Test Market was founded in August 1999 as a division of Global Market Incite, Inc. They have been doing business since then, most people say it is one of the best out there .They provide very good customer service to their Panellists.
It is a quite old in the industry and very genuine, I have been a regular Panellist to this site for around three years now, I complete around 2 surveys daily, give my opinion and try not to miss out even a single survey and complete it as soon as it hits my mailbox.  
Previously they were having a referral scheme for there panellist but now they have closed this programme.
They send around 3-4 surveys daily and give 35 points for each completed survey, The threshold is 1000 points which is equivalent to $50. This is very easy to reach because they send tons of surveys to your mailbox. The withdrawal method is only through cheque, as you reach 1000 points you can request a payout and the cheque will takes 6 weeks to reach you. I have never faced any problem regarding the payment and get my cheque on time.
 They don't provide PayPal withdrawals but according to GTM’s blog they’ll be introducing The PayPal and gift cards in near future.
The surveys they send are very easy to complete and mostly last from 15 to 30 minutes. Most of the surveys give 30-35 points and some surveys get screen out if you don't fulfil the eligibility but not to worry you can also win prizes or money by their monthly draws and sweepstakes. Unfortunately, I was not lucky enough and I haven’t won the prize yet but hope for the best and keep on trying.
Some people think they can get rich by filling out surveys. This is not real, but you will get some extra spending cash and it is worth giving it a go.
Global test market accepts people from all the countries. Feel free to add your comments and suggestions.


  1. Thanks for the info, hope i can earn some money from it...

  2. Hey I found the info very useful and I have started earning with this.


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