Monday, 19 September 2011


When I started digging into the information on how to earn money online, I wasted far too much time and money to search for a regular source of income. After all my efforts and continued search Finally, I found and it can be your Slice of pie too. 
I am a member of this site, a regular music listener and reviewer. I am a massive fan of different genres of music and we all know listening music is a favourite pastime for many of us. What if, we could earn money from our hobby?
Well the answer is yes it is possible to make money by reviewing music on slicethepie and it is available worldwide.
I discovered this site two years back and since then I have had reviewed almost 20,000 tracks till now and I earned good amount of money. As per my experience, if you are good at judging music genres and give an honest feedback in the form of review, you can make a very good earning through this site.
For reviewing music on slice the pie, you don’t need to be an A&R professional. An average music lover who can spend around 3hours a day reviewing music at slicethepie can make $25 daily and rest depends on your performance. To access the scout room you have to register and then log in to your account, select the genre of music you want to review and start reviewing.
The pay rate for reviewing each track depends on the accuracy and rating. It is shown below: -
5 star scouts make $0.20 per review
4 star scouts make $0.15 per review
3 star scouts make $0.10 per review
2 star scouts make $0.05 per review                                                                            
1 star scouts make $0.02 per review
The star rating keeps on changing as we review each track. If you want to stay on good star rating then you have to think like the majority of listeners worldwide. You should not rate the track just by your own taste.  It is possible, sometimes we don’t like the track but on the other hand it might be loved by others who are the specific genre lovers. In scout room you can review as many tracks as you like there is no restriction at all. On the average 50 tracks can be reviewed per hour which gives around $5 if a scout is at three stars. But never mind, the star rating keeps on changing as we review the tracks in flow. The minimum withdrawal amount is $10 via PayPal.
There are thousands of tracks waiting to be reviewed in the scout room, so you could make regular earning. Each scout room has its own duration. Sometimes it lasts for few days and other times it goes on for long. At present, the scout room is in flow until Dec2012.
So go on hit the site and start reviewing!!!!!!
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