Thursday, 11 February 2016


We have all heard the term Make Money Online By Completing Surveys Come to find out, the majority of them are scams, and just end up wasting your time. Doing online surveys with any of the sites is never a goldmine and should never be thought of to take the place of your day-job. There are a few diamonds in the rough however, and one of them is IPSOS. Signing up with IPSOS is very simple, and they lay out all of the details for you when you sign up. They do not make a bunch of promises and then come back to you month's later telling you that you had the wrong idea of the site. The one thing that sets them apart from most of the other survey sites is that as soon as you log on to take a survey, it gives you an estimated amount of time that the survey will take to complete. If you think it is too much time, or you don't feel like doing that survey at that moment, you can come back to it later. The times that the surveys are available is limited, so keep that in mind. It is a survey panel that pays in vouchers and the surveys are worth anything from 50 to 250 points. In the time that I have been a member I have received four £10 Amazon vouchers and two £10 Boots vouchers . I get survey invitations emailed to me a couple of times a week, and very often qualify for them. One of the best features of this panel is that if you don't qualify, you usually receive few points for your trouble as well as prize draw entries, so it is always best to try to respond to all of them. You can also give details of other household members if you wish, and you will occasionally get invitations for them to complete surveys, which means you are getting additional surveys. I have only recently added a household member and have already received a few surveys for them to complete. Above and
beyond the potential of making a little sum of cash, IPSOS also allows you to participate in what they call IPSOS I-Say which allows you to earn points that you can enter into drawings for monthly prizes.Keep a close eye on the survey sites that you participate in and make sure that IPSOS is at the top of your list. They are reliable, trustworthy, and legitimate.Usually your points show up immediately or within a couple of days of finishing a survey. The customer support is also very helpful to deal with.You can then choose vouchers from Boots,Amazon and Argos. If you like
joining survey panels, I would definitely recommend this to join.
Definitely worth joining this site!

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